A female only App using AI is causing a stir


As reported in The Verge, there is a new social media app used as a networking platform for females only called ‘Giggle’. When signing up a selfie has to be taken inorder for the apps bio-metric gender verification software to verify that the user is actually a woman!

Giggle was founded by Sall Grover, an Australian screenwriter who claims to analyse the bone structure of a persons face to ascertain gender. Twitter has been used to call out the app creators for what some people feel is clear transphobia as the apps website claims “Due to the gender-verification software that giggle uses, trans-girls will experience trouble with being verified”.

If the outward perception of transphobia is not enough for you, the apps privacy policy seems to be causing a stir as Giggle has been reported to share a large amount of personal data with third-party websites and services, including facial recognition providers, chat room providers and marketers. Twitter users have been claiming it also collects sensitive information including “sexual practices or sex life” their criminal records and their private health information.